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Reasons to Attend a Career School Instead of College

Are you trying to decide where to go to college? Should you choose a career school or a four-year university? There are many different reasons a career school may be the right fit for you. At a career school, you can graduate in less time and have smaller class sizes, flexible class schedules, hands-on training, and career services.

What is a Career School?

A career school trains students in a trade or skill to pursue as a career. The career school helps students create a particular skill set and knowledge base for the career they are interested in.

Reason 1: Graduate in Less Time

Do you want to be in the classroom for four years, or do you want to start your career in less than a year? Many colleges require liberal arts and electives. A career school teaches you what you need to know within months, for most programs. Programs are typically hands-on and career-focused.

Reason 2: Smaller Class Sizes

Want to be one of thousands of students on a 4-year college campus or a select few at a career school? Career schools offer access to industry trained teachers and one-on-one interaction with those teachers.

Reason 3: Flexible Class Schedules

Many career schools offer night classes for those already in the workforce.

Reason 4: Hands-On Training

What is better than job experience to get your first job in the field of your choice? Career schools may have some form of externship with local companies in the field of study that you have chosen.

Reason 5: Career Services

Career schools have a career services department dedicated to helping students and graduates prepare for the job interview process. Hunter Business School’s career services include job interviewing skills, résumé preparation, cover and thank you letter writing, and career counseling. At Hunter Business School, job placement assistance is available to graduates for life.

Learn about the Top 10 Reasons to attend Hunter Business School. Hunter Business School’s professional, career-focused programs, developed with industry input and adapted to the 21st century workplace, provide students with the skills and abilities they need in the health care, business, and technology professions.