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How to Succeed in a Job as a Computer Networking Specialist

The Computer Technician Networking Specialist program is for people who like to connect things together with keen analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, logic, multitasking, and innovation. Being a good communicator is part of the computer networking specialist’s job, too. These seven characteristics help a computer networking specialist succeed.

Characteristic 1: Analytical Skills

Computer networking specialists need analytical skills to evaluate network and system performance and to determine how changes in the environment will affect them. Analytical skills allow the computer networking specialist to solve complex problems by making decisions in the most effective way. An analytical person has good communication, is creative, uses critical thinking, focuses on data analysis, and does the proper research before coming to a conclusion.

Characteristic 2: Critical Thinking Skills

A computer networking specialist should have critical thinking skills to properly connect when building out a computer infrastructure. A critical thinker must be reasonable, rational, curious, creative, and fair.

Reasonable – Computer networking specialists must collect data, weigh the facts, and think the matter through. They do not react from the gut or go with their first instinct.

Rational – It is the job of a computer networking specialists to not jump to conclusions. Critical thinkers are able to recognize complexities and work within them. They also develop reasonable conclusions through analysis, evaluation, inference, and deduction.

Curious – A computer networking specialist wants to know how a computer network works and how to respond in a way that is innovative.

Creative – Computer networking specialists come up with original ideas for day-to-day operations.

Fair – Computer networking specialists must consider multiple points of view before drawing a conclusion.

Characteristic 3: Problem-Solving Skills

Computer networking specialists must be able to quickly resolve any problems that arise with computer networks. Good problem solvers don’t have to be right all the time and must focus on finding the right solutions for the job. They see a problem as a challenge and try to learn from that problem.

Computer networking specialists can clearly define the problem, do not create problems for others, and can prevent problems from happening in the first place. They explore their options and find new ways to deal with new problems that may arise.

Characteristic 4: Communication Skills

First, good communicators must be good listeners. It is their job to listen to what others have to say, then come up with appropriate responses. Computer networking specialists must be able to describe problems and their solutions to non-IT workers. They stay away from confusing jargon and use a clear message to fit their audience. The computer networking specialist is available for coworkers when they have problems on the job.

They also ask questions that will help clarify problems and recognize nonverbal cues. The computer networking specialist must be a good communicator to handle the networking problems that arise with coworkers and management.

Characteristic 5: Multitasking Skills

Computer networking specialists may have to work on many problems and tasks at the same time. They will need to prioritize job tasks, making sure the most important tasks are completed first. They must also stay organized so they are up to date on all the tasks at hand and do not waste time on unnecessary issues. By multitasking, the computer networking specialist can save time and handle a bigger workload.

Characteristic 6: Computer Skills

Computer networking specialists oversee the connections of many different types of computer equipment and must ensure that they all work together properly. They must be familiar with the different types of computer equipment whether they be servers, computers, printers, or any other electronic equipment that they are responsible for upkeep on. The computer networking specialist must be able to determine an IP address, verify physical connectivity to the network, and check that everyone has a logical connection to the network.

Characteristic 7: Innovation Skills

Computer networking specialists will need to be innovative when working on tasks. They may need to think differently or do things that have never been done before. They must be able to adapt to different situations and learn new techniques to stay on top of innovation in the industry.

Do you have any of these seven characteristics to become a successful computer networking specialist? The Computer Technician Networking Specialist program at Hunter Business School is designed to prepare computer networking students for entry-level positions in the fields of electronics, computer technology, and networking. Students build their own computers and use them in the learning process.

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