coronavirus cares act and how it's helped



I had a great time at Hunter Business School. The staff are all very helpful and understanding. My professors were outstanding and are there for their students, to stay on track with school.

Dr. Bains, Mr. Santos, and Mrs. Montesanto all provide hands-on help that helps you better understand the material you’re working on. Dr. Bains is a very energetic, charismatic person who I enjoyed as a teacher. (Just don’t hug her. If you do, also bring her a bottle of hand sanitizer, or she will Panic!!.)

Mrs. Montesanto is tough with work but also the most lovable person.

Mr. Santos is a very competitive teacher when it comes to class but very heartwarming inside. He made me want to go an extra mile to make sure I pass all of my tests and have all of my work in on time.

Hunter Business School is an amazing school, and I feel that the professors made a major impact on my education. The students I’ve met in the beginning of my journey have become my family.

I do recommend anyone to receive their certification at Hunter Business School.