coronavirus cares act and how it's helped


Changes for Students
at Hunter Business School

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As you know, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus in New York State, including Long Island, keeps rising. This increase has put all schools and businesses on notice for possible changes and ways of operating.

Hunter Business School has been successful in continuing to produce valuable learning over the last nine months of this pandemic. We thought we were home free, but that has changed. We have transitioned from a hundred percent face-to-face learning to a mixture of on-line learning, on-campus hands-on instruction, and on-site clinical work for our medical programs, a hybrid model of instruction.

Though we will remain holding classes as we have been, including many clinical activities, please read this entire notice to see how it affects you.

Clinical Activities for Medical Programs

This morning, I was notified by all of the nursing homes that provide our nurses with clinical experience that all previously scheduled clinical rotations at medical facilities have been put on hold. No one will be permitted to enter the nursing homes to which they were assigned as of Monday, November 16. Nursing students will be notified of program modifications by their instructors.

If you are on an externship or clinical rotation, please continue to attend the facility to which you were assigned unless instructed otherwise by the site or your clinical coordinator. Nursing students will be notified by their department chairperson as to how to proceed going forward.

Although I have not heard from the other medical facilities we use for student training, we have to assume they may follow suit in the next few days or weeks. We will continue to keep you posted as changes occur.

Beginning tomorrow, Monday, November 16, only Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography students with scheduled lab classes will be allowed in their respective campus buildings. All other students will be required to attend class and work remotely from home.

In May, when New York State allowed us to reopen but under certain guidelines, we were able to substitute some of these experiences with effective simulation software to compensate for these changes. A short time after, we were permitted to bring students who required clinical experience as part of their program back on campus.

All Students

All lecture classes will be conducted through distance learning, and students will be required to attend class and work remotely from home, as follows:

  • Computer Technician Networking Specialist (all classes)
  • Medical Assistant (nonclinical days)
  • Medical Billing Specialist (all classes)
  • Medical Office Administration (all classes)
  • Practical Nursing (nonclinical days)
  • Radiologic Technology (nonclinical days)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (nonclinical days)
  • Web Application Design and Development (all classes)
Check Your Hunter Email

Our goal is to provide you with a quality education in a safe environment that leads to fulfilling our high standards and to comply with New York State and federal education regulations. We plan to continue to do this as we enter a new phase of the pandemic.

Please continue to watch your emails and keep in contact with your instructors. They will be aware of any changes to your schedule.

Please be safe, and we will continue to notify you of any changes. These notifications will be sent to your Hunter Business School email address.

It’s been a long haul dealing with coronavirus in all aspects of our lives, but we’ll get through this. I promise.


Jay Fund

Jay Fund