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Christina, a Medical Assistant graduate, explains, “I actually made a career change late in life. I was a corporate woman, and I had a calling for the health care industry my whole life. And I didn’t want to look back one day and regret, so I made a switch and pursued what I wanted.

“The way that the modules work, you’re exposed to all aspects of the health care industry—everything from office setting to clinical phlebotomy, EKGs. And depending on the assignment that you were given, you had the opportunity to utilize those skills on actual patients.

“So, I had tremendous opportunities to perform real-life phlebotomy and EKGs and glucose sticks on patients that came into the internal medicine office prior to my actual job that I landed after I finished my program.

“I took classes with Hunter over the course of seven months, which also included my externship. And during my externship, I had the opportunity to interview for jobs so that when I had finished my obligation of hours of my externship here at Hunter, I was able to be employed virtually immediately.

“The Career Services department gave me a wide variety of options to interview with. I had really a wonderful opportunity to pick and choose which one I really wanted to go for.

“I would definitely recommend Hunter Business School to anybody that is very interested in a career change, something that’s relatively quick, successful in training you with the skills that you’ll need to use in the actual field that you’re looking to switch into.

“And the level of professionalism, teaching, care. If you struggled, they were right there for you for extra hours if you needed after.

“It was really a wonderful program.”