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How Hunter Turned My Life Right Side Up

Photo of LauraAs I reflect on my time spent at Hunter Business School, I cannot help but feel excited and accomplished.  It has been a long journey filled with late nights, some fear, some tears, and mostly joy.

I have graduated but still remember the reason I chose Hunter in the first place. I made a decision to migrate into the medical field because it had always interested me and held a place close to my heart. I lost my father to lung cancer in June 2015, and it felt like my world was turned upside down. In addition to losing my father, I became a single mother for the first time in six years. It was extremely terrifying to get back into the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for years.  It was even more terrifying not being able to financially support myself or my son.

After leaving my job at an upscale hair salon for another job opportunity, I was let go after two weeks of employment. I felt defeated and scared again. I filed for unemployment, and upon job searching at my local career center, was given a life changing opportunity. I had expressed my concern about not being able to find a job and was embarrassed that a possible job prospect said that my résumé did not meet their qualifications at that time. Hunter was a chance to build upon the skills I had already obtained, as well as make me more marketable in the workforce.

My academic experience at Hunter was nothing short of amazing. The teachers and staff were all extremely helpful, professional, and friendly. They were also very fair when it came to grades or making up hours, if necessary. Everyone at Hunter wants to see you succeed. Everyone that I had encountered educated me and guided me along the way.  I can honestly say that Hunter prepared me to succeed and flourish in the real world.

In my opinion, the teachers at Hunter Business School go above and beyond to ensure that upon graduation you are overly prepared for employment. Hunter gave me the confidence, knowledge, and skills to successfully interview, which enabled me to secure a position at All Island Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. I started my new position at the end of March.

I am truly grateful for my experiences at Hunter. I have a newfound confidence about myself and proved to myself that I can.  Gone are the days of feeling lost and afraid. I now welcome and embrace this new chapter in my life and look forward to any challenges that are thrown at me. After all, I am a Hunter Business School graduate.