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How to Land a Job as a Junior Web Developer

Interested in a career working in the IT industry? Want to land a job as a junior web developer but need to know the steps to get this job? Junior web development students should graduate from an accredited web development program, get hands-on coding experience, perfect their résumés, and network to get job interviews. The following are the four steps to landing a job as a junior web developer.

Graduate from an Accredited Web Development Program

The first step in becoming a junior web developer is to find an accredited vocational school that offers a web development program. This program should teach web development disciplines including Web Design with HTML and CSS, Programming with JavaScript and jQuery, Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Database Design and SQL, Programming with Python, PHP Programming with MySQL, and Web Services with Node.js, XML, and JSON. Having a strong foundation in web development helps you get a job as a junior web developer.

Get Hands-On Experience

Some web development programs offer an externship program to get hands-on coding experience in a real-world situation. Junior web development students use programming skills and languages they have studied in school, apply them to real world projects, and gain initial experience at IT departments.

The initial experience at IT departments also allows the junior web development student networking opportunities. This networking can produce a job after graduation, whether at the externship company or as a reference during the graduate’s interview process.

Perfect Your Résumé

Your résumé is the first impression a potential hiring manager gets of you when applying for a junior web developer job in the IT industry. You want a résumé that is designed to show off your skills, experience, and training. Do it in a way that makes the hiring manager’s job easier.

Also, cater your résumé to the IT industry. Identify accomplishments while describing what you did in school and during your externship. Until you get the junior web developer job, your job is to get interviews and prepare for those interviews. Getting a job in the web development field is a full-time job.

Network and Get Interviews

Contact everyone you have met during school including graduated classmates, teachers, and counselors. Ask friends and family if they know of any opportunities or people who work in the IT industry. Utilize LinkedIn to introduce yourself to industry colleagues, and join the IT community in discussion.

Once you land that job as a junior web developer, keep networking and connect with people on LinkedIn. Participate in the IT community on the internet by writing articles, engaging in discussions, and connecting with colleagues and IT influencers. The time may come when you need to draw on that network again.

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