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Hunter Nominated for
Best of Long Island Award

What the Award Is All About

At the end of every year, Long Island Press (sponsored by the Bethpage Federal Credit Union) holds a Best of Long Island award contest. People in communities across the island vote for whichever local store, restaurant, business, or person they feel should hold the title.

Hunter Business School has been nominated in the Education category, subcategory Trade School.

We truly believe in what we do at Hunter and the accomplishments we’ve achieved and would appreciate your support.

You can tap here to vote. You are allowed one vote per person per day until Tuesday, December 15.

Why Should You Vote for Us?

The job market has changed tremendously since 1972 when Hunter Business School first opened. In those days, a college education was required to launch a lifelong, meaningful career leading to years of growth and upward mobility.

Over time and entering the twenty-first century, Hunter expanded to meet the demands of a dynamic community with new needs when it came to careers. High school graduates, employees who had been laid off due to changing economics, and those in the community who simply sought a new professional life wanted real and immediate hands-on skills they could build upon.

Great school. Graduated with a 4.0. They kept their promise with an externship of challenge. Some of my classmates got offered the job including myself. The teachers are awesome…I’m pleased and ready for the next step in my life. Thanks Hunter.
Gabrielle Ashby

In Hunter’s desire to satisfy the requirements of a world where employment in health care sees nothing but expansion, we added the programs of Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography. For those who didn’t feel comfortable around blood or physical interaction with the human anatomy but still wanted to be part of the explosion in health care, Hunter added Medical Office Administration and Medical Billing Specialist.

The other huge advancement in career choice since the founding of Hunter resulted from the birth of the digital age. In response, Hunter developed the Computer Technician Networking Specialist and Web Application Design and Development programs.

Hunter has changed my life. I got hired by the department of education a month after my graduation. And my knowledge was so brilliant on IT I got promoted two weeks later. And now I’m the main tech for an entire school building. Hunter the way to go!
Roody Cherie

All these programs are staffed with seasoned professionals whose deep backgrounds in their fields of study bring experience and understanding of student goals and the challenges they face in learning something new. Instructors realize their students made a considerable choice that did not come easy when they made the decision to change their lives in such a dramatic way.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Hunter stepped up to the plate once again amidst a new challenge. As times change, Hunter adapts to fulfill the needs of the community. Traditionally a face-to-face learning institution, the school had to decide in which direction to go and how to proceed.

Students have responded enthusiastically to the online, distance instruction lessons because they are designed to resemble the face-to-face classroom as much as possible. Lesson plans have not changed, teaching methods remain constant, and instructors and students can still see each other. In fact, another aspect of Hunter’s ability to fit the times is enhancements made in the learning experience with new types of software.

The best decision I made for myself. All the staff at Hunter was wonderful and professional. They stay in contact with you and see you through all the way. Not only did I graduate from the Medical Billing program with my NCCT certificate, I was able to obtain my CPC certificate 6 months after I finished with Hunter. Dr. Bains gave me all the necessary information I needed to get ahead. She didn’t just teach the lessons, she literally set my future up! Have no doubt, Hunter is where you need to be!
Jasmin Plowden

Skills that must be taught and experienced hands-on, such as blood draws, ultrasound scans, and patient exams, continue on campus, but under the strictest guidelines. The number of students allowed in a classroom is restricted, masks are worn, and social distancing is practiced.

So, here we are at the end of the year 2020, after starting out in 1972 in a much different world. We do care about our students, about their futures, and about the community. Remember that the staff and faculty at Hunter live on Long Island, too.

The students we teach touch our lives because we share Long Island with them and want the towns and villages we live in to be that much better because of this.

We experience day-to-day life with our coworkers and the students who pass through our doors for a brief moment before going onto bigger and brighter lives than they had before we all met.

Of course, there’s no reason you should believe how well we’ve done if we say it ourselves. But if you check out the many reviews of our students and graduates on Google and social media, this should convince you that we serve the needs of our students and serve those needs very well.