Job Listings for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Are you interested in these medical sonography (ultrasound) job listings and looking to attend a vocational school? The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Hunter Business School comprises extensive training and coursework in the areas of abdominal, OB/GYN, vascular, neonatal, and cardiac (echocardiographic) sonography, as well as sonography of superficial structures (e.g., thyroid gland, breast, testicles).

To supplement the classroom and lab work, a substantial portion of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is devoted also to placement at various clinical affiliates in Nassau and Suffolk counties, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan for a range of scanning opportunities and experiences.

The diversity of clinical settings gives Diagnostic Medical Sonography students the opportunity to develop their scanning skills and helps them fully integrate didactic knowledge with direct, hands-on clinical experience. Diagnostic Medical Sonography students apply what they have learned in the classroom and labs to turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

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The Career Services department at Hunter Business School does more than prepare students for employment. Staff members help students get started in exciting, rewarding careers and make the transition to the workplace as quickly and easily as possible. Questions about jobs are answered promptly and professionally, and any concerns are addressed.

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  • Job Interviewing skills
  • Résumé preparation
  • Cover and thank you letter writing
  • Job externships
  • Career counseling and support

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