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Job Listings for Medical Billing Specialists

Are you interested in these health care job listings and looking to attend a vocational school?

The Medical Billing Specialist program at Hunter Business School prepares billing and coding students to obtain entry-level employment specializing in medical related billing and coding in hospitals, medical insurance companies, and physicians’ offices. The Medical Billing Specialist diploma program utilizes a current software product for managing medical practices.

Topics covered in this program include billing and coding, accounts receivable, insurance billing, patient statements, encounter forms, appointment scheduling, procedure history, payment posting, diagnosis history, hospital rounds record keeping, and referring doctor information.

Career Services

The Career Services department at Hunter Business School does more than prepare students for employment. Staff members help students get started in exciting, rewarding careers and make the transition to the workplace as quickly and easily as possible. Questions about jobs are answered promptly and professionally, and any concerns are addressed.

Placement Services

  • Job Interviewing skills
  • Résumé preparation
  • Cover and thank you letter writing
  • Job externships
  • Career counseling and support

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