Job Listings for Web Application Design and Development

Below is just a sample of possible job leads for graduates of the Web Application Design and Development program.

For guidance and more options, please tap to email Jody Peck or call him at 516.796.1000, extension 120.

  1. SEO/Web Designer, North Babylon
  2. Digital Designer, Smithtown
  3. Web/Media Designer, Bohemia
  4. Web Designer, Remote
  5. PHP Developer, Farmingdale
  6. Java Developer, Greenvale
  7. Software Developer, Farmingdale
  8. Front-End Developer, Woodside
  9. Web Designer, Patchogue
  10. Junior Web Designer, Remote

Are you interested in these job listings and looking to attend a vocational school?

The Web Application Design and Development program at Hunter Business School prepares computer coding students for a career in the information technology field. Hunter’s coding program covers a wide range of technical topics, starting with client-side programming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and gradually advancing to object-oriented programming, Enterprise Java, and database design.

The Web Application Design and Development program curriculum culminates with coding assignments using today’s most popular web development technologies, such as Python and PHP, and encompasses e-commerce, content management, service-oriented architecture, and security.

Through a series of hands-on projects, Web Application Design and Development program students not only cultivate an understanding of computer coding and programming concepts, but also learn to work in a team environment, practice software development methodology skills, and prepare a sizable portfolio for their new career.

Career Services

The Career Services department at Hunter Business School does more than prepare students for employment. Staff members help students jumpstart and then advance in stimulating and gratifying careers.

The entire department helps the prospective employee make the transition to the workplace as quickly and easily as possible. All questions about jobs are answered promptly and professionally, and any and all concerns are seriously addressed.

Placement Services

  • Job interviewing skills
  • Résumé preparation
  • Cover and thank you letter writing
  • Job externships
  • Career counseling and support