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Computer Technician Networking Specialist graduate, Joe, explains, “Well, before I came to Hunter Business School, I was working in retail, managing a retail pharmacy. I’d been doing it for about a decade.

“I was extremely unhappy in my position, unhappy where my career was going. So I made the choice to come to Hunter Business School.

“I chose Hunter because computers were always a hobby of mine. I was very into putting them together, taking them apart, seeing how they tick. And I decided to come to Hunter to fill in my gaps of knowledge that I didn’t have.

“The program was about seven-and-a-half months, and by the end, I had everything I needed to get my CompTIA certification.

“The Career Services department at Hunter was great. They helped me make a résumé. They helped me with interviewing skills. They helped me with things such as cover letters and thank you notes to employers. And they helped me find a job.

“I was working full-time in my job within three weeks of graduation. Probably it would’ve been sooner, but I graduated right before the Christmas holiday.

“Shortly after graduating Hunter Business School, I received a call from the head of the IT department that they needed an IT administrator here at the school. So, after coming in and doing a few interviews, I’m now the IT administrator for Hunter Business School’s Levittown campus.

“In the two years since I’ve been at Hunter Business School, I’ve seen many students grow and succeed in their new careers.

“If you’re thinking of coming to Hunter Business School, my recommendation is do it! You will not be disappointed.