coronavirus cares act and how it's helped


Letter From Hunter’s President
to Our Students and Staff

Dear Students and Staff,

This week marks the start of the seventh week of school closure. I could not let this milestone go by without reaching out to you again to let you know how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of you. I am sure we can all agree that when we left our school campuses six weeks ago, we never expected to be away for this amount of time.

Students and Staff Who Are Recovering

I am very pleased to report that the staff members and students who have contracted COVID-19 are home and recuperating. We continue to wish them a speedy recovery and are thankful that these people are safe at home. I know we all long for the day when we can return to our normal personal and professional lives.

The Quality of the Online Experience

The Hunter community continues working very hard as an online school. Our staff is collaborating with companies that will bridge students with hands-on technology and simulations. Your teachers and staff are working together to deliver stronger online educational experiences for you. Some of these experiences include learning new ways to incorporate real-life simulations that can substitute for practical exercises.

The Hunter Business School community is focused on delivering the best quality education for every program and every student. The staff and faculty recently developed—and will implement—a code of conduct for the Hunter community to work by. We believe that this will help in delivering quality education.

Hunter continues to adapt and develop its learning experiences to better fit our students’ needs. We have applied to be deemed an essential business, allowing us to do more in a safe environment.

Financial Assistance for Students in Need

In addition, we are waiting on the Federal Government’s Department of Education to release some additional financial assistance for students who have been awarded Title IV funding. We are aggressively making positive changes so that we continue the proud legacy and tradition that Hunter students have displayed over the last 40 years.

I keep on going back in my life and saying, “What makes Hunter so successful? Is it the teachers, staff, administrators, or students?” I realize it’s the entire team that works together and continues to make positive changes and successful experiences.

These Times Test Our Strength and Resolve

This uncertain and unexpected time in our lives has tested our strength and resolve as individuals and as a team. I never doubted for a minute that you could face any challenge head on, with our students and families at the forefront of our minds.

Thank You to the Students and Staff

In closing, I thank the staff for your steadfast dedication to our students and community. Students thank you for continuing to adjust, working through these changes and challenges. Juggling home, work, and personal needs is very difficult.

To the entire Hunter community, thank you for your incredible ability to shift to working from home without missing a beat. Thank you for stepping in and stepping up at every possible turn. Thank you for your ongoing caring and concern for one another and our community. And last of all, thank you for being such valuable members of the Hunter Business School community.

Determined and Committed With a Positive Mindset

Please take the time to check in with yourself and continue a positive mindset. Students should know that we are determined, committed, and focused for you to become the next Hunter graduate and continue the legacy. Every staff member is here for you and wants to help you succeed in your goals and dreams.

Please stay healthy, and know that this going to end. We will be back learning at the school, maybe a little differently, but we will all be there together.

If You Need Help

Should you need help in any way through this crisis, please go to this website posted by United Way of Long Island that consolidates all kinds of assistance for those in need.


Jay Fund

Jay Fund