coronavirus cares act and how it's helped


New Features at Hunter

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we enter another month of the COVID pandemic, I know what a struggle it has been for all of us. I am happy to report that the few people in our Hunter community who were hospitalized are recuperating and getting stronger. I also send my condolences to the students and staff who have lost loved ones during this time.

In these past five months, Hunter has been adapting to new ideas and challenges. I’d like to share some of these with you.

  • We have installed new computer servers to handle the increased use of remote desktops. This allows for faster load times and better control of programs.
  • Newly purchased simulation software allows instructors to reinforce online learning more effectively.
  • For our health care programs, we have added wireless stethoscopes; personal, portable EKG monitors; CRiSis manikins for teaching life-saving techniques; blood pressure simulators; and HemoCue blood test kits and analyzers.
  • The faculty and staff are continuing to find more ways to supplement the clinical experiences students have in hybrid classes.
  • Career Services

    Our Career Services department has also been adapting to these changes. Along with hiring new staff come new ideas.

    As companies begin to open back up, we are placing graduates in their fields of study. We are connecting with Long Island businesses and stating that you, our graduates, are waiting for the opportunity to begin your careers.

    We are being as creative as we can, contacting new companies by phone and email and letting them know to reach out to us when they are ready to hire. As companies reopen, please know that we will be there with your résumés so that we can get you connected and hired.


    Hunter’s graduation ceremonies have also changed. We have not been able to hold our traditional ceremonies where we can all see and congratulate one another. The drive-through and mini graduation ceremonies that we have had at our campuses have been very different.

    I hope that for those who were able to attend, you felt the warmth and happiness that our faculty and staff felt. Hunter’s faculty and staff members tried their best to make it special for you.

    We are so very proud of your accomplishments. We hope through Facebook, Instagram, and our website you were able to experience these ceremonies in a different but meaningful way. Hunter has tried to make graduation as momentous as possible, with the safety of graduates, family, and friends in mind.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Stay healthy and active, and we’ll see you as soon as we safely can.


    Jay Fund

    Jay Fund