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Newsday Article About Hunter

Web Application Design and Development Newsday Article

The following excerpt appeared in Newsday on June 16, 2019.

Ally Riggio had taken part in an externship program offered by Hunter Business School, a technical school with locations in Levittown and Medford, which gave her a chance to intern for a few firms at the Digital Ballpark in Plainview. When the externship ended, she stayed on as an intern for Wildes.

“Over 60 percent of our interns are offered full-time positions by their externship companies,” says George McRedmond, who leads the Web Application Design and Development program at Hunter.

The program involves about 720 hours in the classroom and 180 hours at an externship site, he says, noting the school sets expectations with companies for its students, including having a dedicated person within the company to work with the interns.

Companies even come to the school while the students are learning and talk about their business and the skills they’re looking for, Hunter president Jay Fund says.