coronavirus cares act and how it's helped


School Update as of April 6

Governor Orders Schools Remain Closed Through April

In Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s daily briefing this morning, he ordered all schools and nonessential businesses remain closed until at least April 29. Fines will be doubled for those who don’t practice social distancing.

How Long Will the Campuses Be Closed?

The Medford and Levittown campuses must remain closed until at least April 29. Under the circumstances, there is no other decision the governor could have made, and we support him in his efforts to “flatten the curve” and stem the tide of the virus.

The faculty and staff at Hunter are disappointed the situation has gone on this long, and we feel for the families of the nearly five thousand COVID-19 related fatalities that have occurred so far in our state alone.

What’s Happening in the Meantime?

Live online classes that began two weeks ago continue to be held on a daily basis. We are impressed with the students who have opted to carry on with their education during this period, understanding full well the circumstances under which we all currently live. They realize the importance of their initial goal and that they must continue to move forward.

Hunter Messages on Social Media

We urge all students to take a look our YouTube channel and Facebook page for messages of encouragement and personal connections with our students. Not only do faculty members build a relationship with students, but other staff members do, as well.

Enrollment of New Students

The Admissions departments at both campuses are conducting phone interviews with people interested in attending Hunter. When Governor Cuomo lifts the PAUSE and permits schools in New York State to be reopened, the next set of new students will begin classes in both Levittown and Medford.

Jay Fund’s Letter to the Hunter Community

Please take a few minutes to read the letter from Jay Fund, president of Hunter Business School, to the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the school. He talks about how Hunter graduates are making a difference in society during this crisis and how the students and staff persevere through this ordeal. He also gives some personal thoughts about how all our lives have changed…for the time being.

Mr. Fund told his staff before the shutdown, “We’ll get through this.” He didn’t mean just the school. He meant everybody.