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Can You Learn Medical Billing and Coding Online?

Are you interested in becoming a medical billing and coding specialist but want to learn online? The good news is that you can. At Hunter, you can complete your education online, receiving the same quality instruction as those who attend in-person classes. Learning medical billing and coding online is an excellent fit for many students and provides the credentials needed to secure positions with top employers.

Can You Learn Medical Billing and Coding Online?

Did you know that you can learn how to do medical billing and coding online? Educational institutions recognize the needs of their students and craft programs for fully remote learning. These programs maintain high standards and prioritize the same theory and practical skills featured in on-campus coursework.

Online education is an established discipline with a proven track record. Vocational schools employ experienced instructors who are experts that understand the nuances of teaching online classes.

While formal remote learning is a realistic path to a career, trying to teach yourself without an instructor is impractical. A formal education builds one class at a time until you have a firm foundation. Not something you can do with self-study.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Vocational School Online?

Online coursework is an excellent option for many students. There are many benefits to consider when deciding how to pursue your education. The effectiveness of technology and advances in education make online schools a viable choice.

In general, the only equipment needed to complete the coursework is an operational computer and an internet connection. Online vocational schools have virtual portals and use academic software to teach students. Courses are taught live in a virtual format. Benefits of attending online classes include:


Many people interested in vocational education may not be able to attend because of  family commitments or work obligations. Online classes are an excellent choice for working professionals and those with children or other family members.

Limited Commute

Attending school online brings the classroom to you. Rather than traveling to campus and dealing with traffic, you can complete your coursework at home and save time. This environment maximizes your comfort and can limit distractions from other students. An online school is an excellent option if you do not live near a campus that offers a quality medical billing and coding program.

Online school can also help defray your educational costs because you will save money on gas and wear-and-tear on your vehicle.

Limit Stress

Some students may feel apprehensive about attending in-person classes, especially if they have been out of school for a while or feel anxious in a learning environment. Online instruction allows you to train from home.

Access Classroom Videos Anytime

Although you are attending a live class, after class many vocational programs record and upload lectures or classroom discussions. This convenience adds to the flexibility of online school. In addition, access to these valuable resources allows you to go back and review information after class or while studying. Savvy students can use this to help prepare for exams.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Schools apply the same curriculum and standards to their online students as the on-campus students. When you graduate, you will be a representative of the school. Institutions want competent and successful graduates representing them, regardless of where they did their coursework.

Online curriculums teach foundational scientific knowledge, billing principles, and coding skills. Technology allows students to use online computer systems remotely, enabling them to practice with the same real-world tools as their in-person peers.

Instructor Office Hours

Just as instructors are available to students on campus, they make themselves accessible to remote students. Vocational school instructors are industry professionals who understand the workplace demands and challenges of medical billing and coding. They are invaluable resources in the classroom and as mentors.

You will be able to contact your instructors directly by phone or email to discuss challenges you experience, seek clarification, or get advice about working as a medical biller and coder.

Preparation for a Changing Workplace

As employers adjust to the realities of our evolving economy, remote and hybrid work will become more common. Attending school online can help smooth the transition to working remotely as a medical biller and coder, once you have gotten some experience in the field.

Attending school online can also help determine if remote or hybrid jobs suit your career goals.

Classroom Discussion Boards

Vocational schools recognize that working alongside and collaborating with peers is vital to a comprehensive education. Some of your courses may have virtual discussion boards so you can conference with other students or participate in discussions.

These situations will help you feel part of a learning community and allow you to develop the soft skills like communication that are needed to succeed in today’s workplaces.

Professional Development and Career Services

Vocational schools support graduates because job placement is critical to institutional success and helps build a strong alumni network. Online schools prioritize these goals as well. Many programs have career offices that can offer resume and interview guidance.

Vocational schools are also excellent resources for job opportunities and can match you with job openings that fit your passion and skillset.

Build Confidence

Completing online coursework takes discipline, self-motivation, and time management. Graduating from an online vocational school will help you confidently enter the workforce. Familiarizing yourself with online education can also help propel you to continue your education or seek online certifications to increase your attractiveness as a job candidate.

How Do You Become a Medical Biller?

Attending a vocational school is a great way to become a medical biller. Hunter Business School provides you with the theoretical principles and practical skills needed to succeed in the workplace. We tailor our curriculum around the core functions of medical billing and coding.

Coursework includes anatomy, pathophysiology, and coding language classes that enable you to read and interpret medical charts. You will also begin coding by using real-world examples and case data that accurately simulate the tasks you will perform every day on the job. This blended instruction ensures you enter the workforce capable and confident, ready for the challenges you will face in the real world.

Want to Learn More?

Did learning about the benefits of online medical billing and coding programs interest you? The Medical Billing Specialist program at Hunter Business School on Long Island prepares billing and coding students to obtain entry-level employment specializing in medical-related billing and coding in physician’s offices. The online Medical Billing program is a 3-month diploma program available online.


Contact us today to find out more on how to become a medical billing specialist on Long Island.