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How to Learn Computer Coding?

Interested in learning how to computer code? Ready to code but don’t know where to start?

It is important to start with videos to give you the confidence to code. But, watching videos will get you only so far. There are many tools that allow you to interact with a game or tutorial while learning how to code some of the most popular programming languages. There are a few tools and services that can teach you the basics of computer coding. They will start you out small and build upon your foundation.

When you are starting out, it is important to choose an industry or career to understand what programming languages you will need to learn. If you are interested in building a website or web app, the languages that are important to learn include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, and PHP. There are also a few skills that a beginning web developer will need to gain to succeed.

These skills are learned while attending a vocational program…

How to Learn Computer Coding?

There are many different tools and video platforms that offer content to get you started as a web developer. YouTube has an abundance of videos to learn how to code. There are also tools that make it easy to understand coding for first-time web developers. These beginner coding tools include CodeMonkey, CodinGame, FlexBox Froggy, and CodeCombat.

YouTube Videos

If you like watching videos, YouTube is full of introductory lessons for first-time web developers. Make sure to pick the videos that are from respected content providers. Pick videos that have a lot of views and are recommended by others to watch.


This coding tool is made for younger students to learn coding while engaging in an educational game based environment. Students learn the basic skills of code for coding languages like Python. It allows students to learn coding with real world languages.


This tool allows beginning web developers to learn programming and improve coding skills while solving puzzles and playing games. This tool will allow students to solve challenges in many different languages that teach them how to code.

This tool also allows students to learn from top developers while discovering new languages. CodinGame also allows new programmers to meet companies that need new developers.

FlexBox Froggy

This is a fun game that teaches beginning web developers CSS FlexBox while interacting with a game. With 24 levels, FlexBox Froggy allows users to learn how to program an important aspect of CSS in a fun and interactive way.


This tool is a game based computer science program allowing students to type real code. They can learn about JavaScript and Python, two of the most popular programming languages, while playing games. Beginning web developers learn trial and error, critical thinking, and creativity in programming. Web developers use their programming skills to create their own game.

Which Language Should I Learn First?

The programming languages that are important to learn for a web developer include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, and PHP.


HyperText Markup Language is a standardized system for creating web pages. This markup language is used to display text, images, videos, and sound in a web browser. HTML can be assisted by CSS and JavaScript.


Cascading Style Sheets allow web designers to identify elements in an HTML document with a series of style-based instructions or statements. CSS allows the web designer to create a uniform look across several pages on a website. This language helps the user define the style of tables and blocks of text once in a CSS document.


JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that is written into HTML. When a web developer requests an HTML page with JavaScript, the script tells the browser to take a specific action to render the content on a web page in a specific format. It can be used to update content on a just-in-time basis, allowing content to be dynamically generated on an HTML written website.


Java is a programming language that is used to create applications on a computer. Java is an easy program language to learn and write. It helps web developers create web applications and platforms. This programming language runs on most any machine or operating system.


Python is a popular programming language that creates desktop GUI applications, websites, and web applications. Python makes writing code easy, allowing web developers to use English keywords instead of punctuation. This allows the web developer to build custom web applications without writing additional code.

Python is almost universal and supports many different operating systems. This programming language also has a standard library to easily create modules and add functionality to the Python application.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a database system that is used to generate queries from a program to a database. This allows web developers to execute data manipulation very quickly. SQL is the main language that allows database servers to store and edit a website’s data.


PHP is a programming language used to create both static and dynamic websites or web applications. PHP runs on a web server, and code requests a file to be executed, creating dynamic webpage content and images on a website.

The difference between HTML and PHP is that HTML runs on the user’s computer and PHP runs on the server. HTML must be downloaded to the user’s computer to be rendered within a browser.

Skills Beginner Web Developers Will Need to Succeed

There are many different skills a beginning web developer will need to succeed. These skills are learned while attending a vocational program and on the job. These skills include computational thinking, patience, setting goals, self-motivation, attention to detail, and abstract thinking.

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is a set of problem solving methods set up for a computer to execute a problem and solution. There are four methods of computational thinking, including decomposition, pattern recognition, pattern generalization, and abstraction and algorithm design.

  • Decomposition is a way of breaking out a problem into its parts. The parts are separated and analyzed to understand how they can be solved and evaluated.
  • Pattern Recognition involves finding the similarities or patterns in a problem to help solve it more efficiently. These patterns of characteristics or data yield information about the data set.
  • Pattern Generalization and Abstraction is for solving problems and carrying out operations. Generalization is a way to solve new problems based on answers from older problems. If the problem is generally the same, then a similar answer should solve the problem. Abstraction is splitting individual parts of the program into imaginary modules that carry out operations. We don’t know how they work, just that they do work.
  • Algorithm Design is a way to create an ordered series of instructions to solve similar problems. Rather than coming up with a single answer, the ordered instructions allow the problem to be solved based on the answers to the algorithmic series.

Computational thinking also has multiple steps for effective problem solving. These steps include identifying the problem, defining goals, brainstorming, assessing alternatives, choosing the solution, executing the chosen solution, and finally, evaluating the result.


A web developer will need patience to be successful. Much of the work of a web developer is difficult and time consuming. It can take time to complete a programming task, as well as debug the code.

A web developer must stay focused, so errors do not arise.

Setting Goals

Creating an action plan to motivate and guide a web developer toward a goal is important. Web developers will need to identify what they want to accomplish and establish the goals and timeline to complete the project. Goals should be realistic, specific, measurable, and time specific.


Web developers typically work alone, even while on a team. They must rely on themselves to get the project completed without the influence of others. With tight deadlines for coding projects, a web developer must be self-motivated to get the job done.

Attention to Detail

Being thorough and accurate when writing code is important for a web developer. Even one small bug can stop a program from working properly. Attention to detail also comes in handy during the debugging process, since it is up to the web developer to find the bug in the entirety of the code.

Abstract Thinking

Many times, web developers are looking only at the code when they are working, not the end product. By thinking abstractly, the web developer can think about the entire website or web application by just looking at the code. The website or web application may not be complete, but a good web developer has the ability to see it without its physical presence.

Did learning about how to computer code interest you? The Web Application Design and Development program transforms beginning computer coding students into entry-level full-stack web developers.

The Web Application Design and Development program focuses on the main programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, and PHP.

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Career Services at Hunter Business School

Hunter Business School Career Services staff members help students jumpstart stimulating and gratifying careers in the web design field by helping the prospective employee make the transition to the workplace as quickly and easily as possible.

Placement services include job interviewing skills, résumé preparation, cover and thank you letter writing, job internships, and career counseling and support. Graduates are always welcome back to Hunter for assistance from the Career Services department.

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