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How Can I Learn Web Development?

Are you interested in web development? Do you want to learn the basics of web development before you decide to take a web development program at a vocational school? Are you asking yourself, “How can I learn web development?”

If you’re interested in learning about front-end, back-end, and full-stack development and want to know more about the basic tools that every web developer needs to succeed, use this information to decide whether you want to start your career by enrolling in a web development program at a vocational school.

Full-time students can earn a diploma in web development in just seven and a half months. Your first step to becoming a web developer starts here.

What Is Web Development?

A web developer uses different programming languages to create websites and web applications. In order to understand what a web developer is, it is important to know what the three different types of web developers are.

The three types are front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. Front-end developers work on the visual parts of the web, back-end developers focus on what controls the website, and full-stack developers work on both.

Front-End Developer

Front-end developers write the code to implement a website. They focus on what is called client-side programming. A front-end developer is fluent in three specific programming languages. These programming languages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) allows front-end developers to add content to a website and section it into headings, paragraphs, and tables. HTML can be assisted by CSS and JavaScript.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow web developers to identify elements in an HTML document to style web content and change things like colors, sizes, and borders. This language helps the user define the style of tables and blocks of text once in a CSS document.


JavaScript is a scripting language that is written into HTML that creates interactive elements within the web content. When a web developer requests an HTML page with JavaScript, the script tells the browser to take a specific action to render the content on a web page in a specific format. It can be used to update content on a just-in-time basis, allowing content to be dynamically generated on a website.

Back-End Developer

Back-end developers focus on the server side of a website. They create the code that powers a website’s server, database, and applications. Back-end developers use many different server-side languages that include PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby. They also use SQL to manage a website’s database.


PHP is an open source general purpose scripting language used for web development that embeds into HTML. PHP runs on a web server, and the code requests a file to be executed, creating dynamic web page content and images on a website.


Python is used to create desktop graphical user interface (GUI) applications, websites, and web applications. Python is easily read, which helps reduce the cost of maintenance.

Python supports modules of code that are available to reuse. Python also comes with a standard library of code. This allows the web developer to build custom web applications without writing additional code. Python is almost universal and supports many different operating systems.


Java is a programming language that web developers use to create applications. It is a general purpose programming language that makes implementation as easy as possible. Java is an easy programming language to learn and write.


Ruby is an open source programming language that is easy to use. The syntax is natural and easy to read. Ruby is typically used to create web applications.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a database system that uses SQL statements to generate queries of a client’s website. SQL is the main language that database servers use to store and edit data. This allows web developers to manipulate and execute data very quickly.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers understand both front- and back-end development and can build a website from start to finish. They may also be employed to manage front- and back-end developers as an overall project manager.

Basic System Tools for Web Development

For beginners just learning web development, there are a few basic system tools that a web developer will start with. These tools include a computer (with an operating system), text editor, web browser, terminal, and design tools.

Computer With OS

Web developers will start with a computer that can support the level of software that they will need for web development and web design. The most common operating systems include macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Text Editor

A text editor is a type of program that allows web developers to create and edit programming language files. Some common text editors include Visual Studio Code, or VS Code.

Web Browser

A web browser is software that is used to access and view a website on the internet. The most common web browsers that web developers use include Google Chrome or Firefox. Both of these web browsers include useful add-ons and plug-ins that help a web developer during the process of making, editing, and testing a new website or application.


A terminal is a text-based interface for typing commands. It allows a web developer to access the command line from the GUI. Some common terminals include Bash, Zsh, and Hyper.

Design Tools

Design tools help a web developer create a website or collateral elements for a website or application. Some of the most common design tools include Adobe XD and Photoshop.

Introduction to Web Development Tools

There are many different tools and video platforms that offer content to get you started as a web developer. YouTube has an abundance of videos to learn how to code.

There are also tools that make it easy to understand coding for first-time web developers. These beginner coding tools include The Odin Project, Codewars, freeCodeCamp, Code Avengers, MIMO, and Apple’s Swift Playgrounds.

YouTube Videos

If you like watching videos, YouTube is full of introductory lessons for first-time web developers. Make sure to pick the videos that are from respected content providers. Choose videos that have a lot of views and are recommended by others to watch.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a free open source community and service for learning web development with a full-stack curriculum approach. Learn the basics of web development with online tutorials, blogs, and courses.


Codewars is a popular coding challenge website that teaches beginners web development skills while solving challenges in different programming languages.

freeCodeCamp offers a free interface to learn to code. It starts with the basics of HTML, then moves on to more advanced coding.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers provides free online courses that offer built-in tools, videos, and quizzes to learn how to program on the web.


MIMO is a free mobile app that helps beginners learn to code. MIMO helps beginner web developers learn how to build an app, a website, or a game.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a free application from Apple that allows beginners to learn web development by solving puzzles.

Qualities of a Successful Web Developer

There are many different qualities that make a web developer successful. If these qualities are not developed yet, a web developer can learn them during a web development program at a vocational school. Some of the more important qualities include attention to detail, patience, and passion.

Attention to Detail

Being accurate when writing code is important for a web developer. Even one small bug can stop a program from working properly.

Attention to detail is also important during the debugging process, since it is up to the web developer to find the bug in the entirety of the code.


Web developers will need patience to be successful. Web developers’ work is difficult and time consuming. They may need to write thousands of lines of code.

Although some of the tools and module libraries will help, it can take time to complete a programming task and debug the code. A web developer must stay focused in order to minimize errors.


Web developers are passionate about computers and computer coding. They spend hours writing code, testing code, and thinking about better ways to code.

Final Thoughts

If you pay attention to detail, have the patience to write and edit multiple lines of code, and have a passion for computers, becoming a web developer may be the best career path for you. Being a web developer is challenging, creative, and rewarding.

Did learning about how to become a website developer interest you? The Web Application Design and Development program transforms beginning computer coding students into entry-level, full-stack web developers. The Web Application Design and Development program focuses on the main programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, and PHP.

This Web Application Design and Development diploma program at Hunter Business School covers both front-end and back-end web development topics, starting with client-side programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and, JavaScript, then gradually advancing to object-oriented programming, Enterprise Java, and database design.

Through a series of hands-on projects, Web Application Design and Development training program students not only cultivate an understanding of computer coding and programming concepts, but also learn to work in a collaborative team environment, practice software development methodology skills, and prepare a sizable portfolio for their new career.

Career Services at Hunter Business School

Hunter Business School Career Services staff members help students jumpstart stimulating and gratifying careers in the web design field by helping the prospective employee make the transition to the workplace as quickly and easily as possible.

Placement services include job interviewing skills, résumé preparation, cover and thank you letter writing, job internships, and career counseling and support. Graduates are always welcome back to Hunter for assistance from the Career Services department.

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