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How Long Is Computer Tech Training?

Do you have a passion for computers? Did you know you will build your own computer for use in the classroom throughout the Computer Technician Networking Specialist program? In this program, you get hands-on experience with both hardware and software to prepare for an entry-level position as a computer technician networking specialist, as well as many other job titles.

What is Computer Tech Training?

Computer tech training helps you hone your professional skills to identify, install, update, maintain, configure, and improve computer systems hardware and software.


As a computer tech, you will identify problems and solutions to fix issues with computers and network infrastructure. Whether it is to increase network bandwidth, combat viruses, and malware, or fix internet connection problems, a computer tech will identify the solution to the problem and install, update, or improve the hardware or software.


You will learn how to install hardware and software during this computer tech program. When installing new components, it is essential to check for compatibility. Technology improves at a break-neck speed, so ensuring you have the correct version of the software or brand of component is critical in the installation process.


During computer tech training, you will learn how to update computer software. There are patches, new plug-ins, and software updates that help software run more smoothly and securely. For example, Microsoft Windows updates its software almost daily. It is up to the computer tech to set a protocol for computer users to update their software regularly to minimize security breaches.


Maintenance is a critical task for computer tech specialists. Hardware maintenance involves testing and cleaning equipment. Whether cleaning the dust in a laptop fan so the computer doesn’t overheat or ensuring computer peripherals are functioning correctly, the computer tech must maintain the company’s infrastructure to improve worker productivity.

Training includes scheduling maintenance and backup tasks, managing files and folders, supporting computers, and troubleshooting Windows, Mac OS, and Linux networks. When updating software, the computer tech updates the operating system and programs to add functionality and fix any bugs that impede compatibility.


During the Computer Technician Networking Specialist program, you will learn to physically interface hardware components like the motherboard, drives, and memory. Software configuration involves installing the operating system, device drivers, and applications. When a computer tech orders a new computer, they must configure it to the user’s specifications. This configuration process will be mastered during the computer tech training.


You will learn how to troubleshoot hardware and software. You will disassemble and rebuild a functional computer. This includes troubleshooting network connections, common cable problems, software glitches, network downtime, a slow computer, a frozen application, and Windows errors.


A computer tech should constantly be improving the network infrastructure. Whether it is to limit downtime, improve download speeds, or update software, it is essential to enhance the performance of computers and networks within a business. The company will lose hundreds of minutes of work productivity every minute the network is down.

How Long is Computer Tech Training?

Did you know you can complete the Computer Technician Networking Specialist program at Hunter Business School in as little as 7 ½ months? There are also evening classes that take 15 months to complete. This is much quicker than completing a computer program at a 4-year college. How can we do this? We focus on the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a computer tech and nothing else. Our focus is preparing you for an entry-level position as a computer tech.

Why Complete Computer Tech Training at Hunter Business School?

There are many reasons for you to complete computer tech training. They include:

A Complete Curriculum

As a computer tech training program student, you will be introduced to electronics, computer technology, and network infrastructure fundamentals. You will take classes that directly prepare you to become a computer tech. Hunter Business School prepares you with the knowledge you need to pass various applicable certifications while building the skills to help you excel in your new career.

Hands-on Training

In addition to classroom lectures, you will work with industry-standard hardware and use the latest software to perform your information technology tasks. You will participate in labs and externships to help you apply the knowledge you gained in the classroom. This educational training will look good on your résumé, and you will join a new organization with genuine experience that will help start your career as a computer technician networking specialist.

Industry Experienced Instructors

We understand that you need to prepare for the real world. Therefore, we hire industry-experienced instructors to teach you what you need to start a new career in computer tech. Our instructors have been in the industry and understand what employers seek in new employees. Our instructors know what you need to succeed as a computer technician networking specialist.

Smaller Class Sizes

At Hunter Business School, you won’t be one of hundreds of students sitting in a large lecture hall. Instructors know you by name, and everyone participates in the classroom discussion. You can make strong relationships with classmates that will help you network throughout your career.

CompTIA A+ Certification

Hunter Business School students in this computer technician and repair program are prepared to take the CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) A+ certification exams. This program also covers Network+ objectives. Certifications are a great way to show employers you are proficient in information technology and computer networking.

Career Services

Hunter Business School offers ongoing career services for graduates. We have close ties to the community and often hear about a new position even before the public. We offer résumé building services, mock interviews, and job fairs that help place you with the best job match after graduation.

Want to Learn More?

The Computer Technician Networking Specialist training program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in computer repair and networking. Computer Technician Networking Specialist training program hours are distributed between a combination of lectures and practical hands-on labs, emphasizing the practical application of theory.

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