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I Was No Longer Lost

I Was No Longer LostBefore coming to Hunter, I was lost, no direction, no drive. I just had the naïve notion it would all work itself out. As far as I was concerned in my adolescence, it was some future problem where to go in life. I had this idea of my future self as a well-rounded individual who had a career, a house, a car, savings, 401(k), wife…you know, “the American Dream” but with zero way of obtaining it.

After paying out-of-pocket for community college for two years and working full-time to do so, it occurred to me, “What am I doing here?” It was an overwhelming, cascading feeling of disappointment. I was paying for classes I had no interest in or needed; classes I was forced to take due to some outdated methodology that you HAD to take all these extra courses in order to be considered a student.

In reality, I was just a means for schools to take parents’ and students’ well earned money and line their pockets with it. But I digress.

After being stressed out for longer than I care to recount—and panic attack after panic attack as a result—I took some time off and focused on my health. I looked for a long time for a higher learning institution where it focused more on the material I was interested in as a subject/trade/skill with hands on-training as a mainstay in the classroom over the generic college experience.

That is when I came across Hunter Business School.

My mother had mentioned it to me in passing as my aunt had attended its nursing program and has since gone on to be very happy and productive with her new career. She had mentioned they also had a business course, as well as a computer course, in which I would learn computer repair, networking, and the basics to get my foot in the door of any company looking for new techs.

I figured I had nothing to lose just checking the place out. So I did…best decision of my life thus far.

Meeting both the computer networking professors and getting a synopsis of the course, I was sold. The notion that I found a place with everything I’d been searching for was too enticing for me to pass up.

During my time enrolled, I helped network the campus; wired the nursing professors’ office and set up the patch panel; fixed countless laptops, desktops, several tablets; and solved printer problems with a range in difficulty. Each time I came upon a problem I was unfamiliar with, both my classmates and professor were there to give a guiding hand on how to figure it out.

That right there was by far the best experience and everything that made me come to Hunter in the first place. I felt like I was home, as strange as that sounds. I found this to be the best method for me to gain knowledge and make new friends in the process. I was no longer lost, searching for a way to get everything I wanted out of life. I had the tools now, the drive, the roadmap, if you will, on how.

All in all, I would recommend this program, nay this school, for those looking to get hands-on training and have the confidence to obtain everything they so desire out of life. All it takes is a simple “yes” to this teaching method and a positive attitude.