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John, a Medical Assistant student, explains, “The instructors are first-rate. All of them are either currently in the medical industry or have been in the medical industry, so they really know their stuff. They can give you their real-life experiences in what they’ve experienced on the job scene, knowing what to expect when you get out.

“They’re also, all of them, are really…you can tell they love what they do, and they bring that to the classroom setting which makes it exciting for those of us who are learning.

“I’m in my, coming up on my last month-and-a-half of school, and then I go actually into my externship.

“And the career placement office is already working with those of us who are graduating in a few months, so it’s exciting graduating. You’ve got your résumé together. They help you put together this incredible portfolio of all the things you’ve accomplished during the school year so you can show that to prospective employers.

“And it’s going great! I have told a lot of others about Hunter already, friends and family, folks that I know of all ages that are looking to get into medicine or computers, that Hunter is a great experience.

“It’s affordable. The timetable works. You know, I know other schools, it takes a couple of years sometimes to get certified, but at Hunter, I’m able to do my Medical Assistant program in less than eight months.

“So, I would tell others who are looking to go to school for either medicine or computers that…check out Hunter.

“I would just say, I wish I had known about Hunter 20 years ago. I would have done a career change and come to Hunter at the time. It’s been easier and better than I ever expected it to be as far as getting an education for a career change.”