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What Is a Good Job for a Mom Returning Back to Work?

Are you a mom who spent time at home during the pandemic? Are you getting ready to go back to work and not sure if you want to change careers?

Well, this might be the best time to prepare for a new career. When will you have another great opportunity?

Change can be difficult, but a new career can change your life for the better. It doesn’t need to take four years to graduate from a career-building program.

Have you considered a vocational school? At a vocational school, you can learn a new career in months rather than years. If you have three to seven and a half months to attend a vocational school, you can start a new career that is in demand for the next few decades. So, what is a good job for a mom returning to work?

What Is a Good Job for a Mom Returning to Work?

There are many great jobs for moms returning to work. There are opportunities in the fields of health care, business, and technology, among others. Did you know that vocational schools offer programs to train you in medical assisting, medical office administration, computer technology, medical billing, nursing, and web design? You have many options to research to determine the best career for you.

Why Attend a Vocational School?

A vocational school will teach you exactly what you need to know to start working in a new career after graduation, without the liberal arts. You will enjoy smaller class sizes and industry-experienced instructors.

With a time commitment, you can start a rewarding new career with opportunity for growth. Vocational schools also offer assistance from their career services department. These career services may include résumé building, mock interviews, and job networking to help put you in front of the right people in your community. If you are a mom who is returning to the workforce, you owe it to yourself to start a new career you are passionate about.

Why Do People Change Careers?

There are many reasons for people to change careers. Whether you are looking for a change, are getting automated out of a job, or just want something more rewarding, now is the time to attend a vocational school program in the health care, business, or technology professions.

Something New and Exciting

Are you bored with your current career? Don’t want to go back to a dead-end job?

Now is the time to switch to a new career that is in demand. The medical field is a great place to start. The demand for medical assistants is projected to grow 19 percent in the coming decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical professions are not good candidates for automation either. There will always be a need for humans to take care of patients.

Looking for something different? Vocational schools also offer IT, computer networking, and web design programs to teach you a highly sought-after skill. All companies in the world have a network, whether it is in an office or in the cloud. Network infrastructure needs humans to manage it, keep data secure, and educate employees on proper security protocols.

How about web design? Did you know that there are almost 2 billion websites online? Every one of those websites had to be created by someone. And hundreds of thousands of new websites are being created every day.

Becoming a web designer is a challenging career where you learn new technologies and use the latest and greatest tech. If you are interested in computers and want a new career, then computer networking or web design may be the right career path for you.

Automation and Robots

It is estimated that over half of all jobs will be automated in the next few decades according to Forbes. From warehouse workers, Uber drivers, legal assistants, and factory workers, we are seeing a dramatic shift to job automation. With an increase in purchases from online commerce and a need for automation to reduce the human risk during the pandemic, we saw jobs in many industries shift from humans to robots.

However, this is only the beginning of jobs that will be automated with artificial intelligence and robots. If you are a mom returning to the workforce, you may want to reassess your job opportunities and which jobs will be needed in the coming decade.

A More Rewarding Job

Nothing is more rewarding than helping others in the medical field. Whether it is as a medical assistant, a medical office assistant, or one of the many jobs in the health care sector, you can start working in a growing industry in months rather than years.

There is a great demand for medical professionals, and you can start a rewarding job working alongside colleagues who have the same passion for helping others that you do. Medical assistants and nurses keep physicians’ practices and hospitals running, and doctors rely on them for support. If a more rewarding job is in your future, consider nursing and medical assisting.

Final Thoughts

What are you passionate about? Turn that passion into a job and make a positive change in your life. If not now, when? Will you have another opportunity to learn a rewarding and challenging vocation that can be completed in just a handful of months? Now is the time to learn more about Hunter Business School and the vocational programs offered for those in the Long Island area.

Want to Learn More?

Hunter Business School’s professional, career-focused vocational programs, developed with industry input and adapted to the twenty-first century workplace, will provide you with the trade skills and abilities you need in the health care, business, and technical professions.

Hunter Business School offers vocational programs in Medical Assistant, Medical Billing, Medical Office Administration, Sonography, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Computer Technology, and Web Application Design and Development. With a vocational school diploma and the technical skills learned at Hunter Business School, you can achieve the career you deserve.

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