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What Skills Do You Need for Computer Repair?

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and have a passion for computers? If so, then becoming a computer repair specialist may be the right job for you.

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Do you have the right skills? If the answer is no, don’t worry. You can hone the skills to become a computer repair specialist in an IT program.  So, what skills do you need for computer repair?

What Skills Do You Need for Computer Repair?

There are many skills that you will learn during an information technology training program and while you progress in your computer repair role. These skills include:

Skill #1: Communication

An important skill for every computer repair specialist to master is verbal and written communication. As a computer repair specialist, you will spend time working with colleagues, supervisors and vendors. It is important to get the right information across when communicating to prevent misunderstandings. Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page and maximizes the time you will need to complete your duties within your organization.

Communication is also involved during reporting and note taking. It is important to report the computer issues that a colleague has in case there is more than one person in the organization with the same issue. As a computer repair specialist, you will also need to educate colleagues on proper password protection, computer maintenance and login procedures. Without good communication, the organization may have security issues or continuously have computer maintenance problems that can be avoided.

Skill #2: Problem Solving

Every job has its issues, so it is important to identify them and find the right solution. Whether a computer needs a software update, or a piece of hardware is malfunctioning, as a computer repair specialist, you will need to figure out the problem and identify the right solution among the many options you may have. Problem solving also involves prioritization, as some computer repair issues are more time sensitive than others. A computer that has a virus will be prioritized over a lost file. Both are important but a virus can affect the entire organization if not handled first.

Skill #3: Adaptability

There will always be obstacles that a computer repair specialist will need to overcome. Ingenuity is an important quality for you to find a solution that may not have been thought of before.

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Sometimes a work around may suffice and other times a whole new protocol may be needed.

Whether it is a new version of a software or new protocol for the organization to adhere to, as a computer repair specialist, you must learn about the new software or protocol and clearly communicate it to the organization. Changes are constant in computer repair, so adaptability is important to master.

Skill #4: Critical Thinking

Many computer repair issues take the ability to see the whole picture and conceptualize the problem to identify the best solution for all stakeholders. Critical thinking involves analyzing the situation, gathering information from computer users, and identifying the right action to fix the problem or finish the task. As a computer repair specialist, you must be open-minded to think through a problem and come up with a solution.

Skill #5: Organization

The best way for a team to work together on the same computer systems is by properly organizing reporting and maintaining order in the process. As a computer repair specialist, you may need to find a password, network key or some other information that is important to keep the organization’s computer systems running.  Whether you are using actual servers in the office or have everything in the cloud, proper organization of information is important to find the solution to the problems at hand.

Having a physically organized space is also important so key hardware, cables, routers and peripherals are not lost or misplaced. You never know when you will need a backup router in a pinch. Find a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Skill #6: Attention to Detail

When working as a computer repair specialist, the details are very important. Using the wrong cable, adding the wrong firewall or forgetting to back up the server can be catastrophic. Good attention to detail involves a systematic process that methodically reviews protocols that manage each detail in priority order. Most tasks that you complete will need to be meticulously managed to not leave out any of the details.

Skill #7: Patience

Sometimes patience can be your best friend. It takes time to run anti-virus software to find an issue or to run through a checklist to make sure a device is ready for an employee to use. Staying calm and focused can help you identify what is causing an issue and reveal how to fix it in a timely manner.

Skill #8: Time Management

There are only so many hours in the day, so a good computer repair specialist will be able to manage their time wisely. You must prioritize your time to manage more critical issues first, while still having enough time to take care of the lower-level issues. Good time management involves knowing when and how to delegate tasks that can be completed by support staff. The IT department is a team, and everyone must work together to keep the network running and employee’s devices working properly.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know which skills are needed to become a successful computer repair specialist, it is time to learn more about the IT training program at Hunter Business School. We pride ourselves in preparing graduates to enter the workforce with the knowledge and confidence to succeed. If you are ready to take on a challenge and have the time to learn a new trade, take the first step toward a rewarding new career as a computer repair specialist.

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