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Blood Was My Biggest Fear

Athena PohAttending Hunter Business School was the best decision I could have ever made.

I joined the Army when I was 17 and spent six years in the service. I met my husband while serving. We got married, had a baby, and I was done with the Army after six years.

I have always looked for something that was as fulfilling as serving my country and really could never find it. My friend told me about Hunter and about becoming a medical assistant. I asked her what she did and how she did it.

I checked out Hunter that night and came to the school for a tour and signed up that day.

Learning how to become a medical assistant was a great experience. I learned so much and overcame one of my biggest fears, blood. My instructor, Lisa, helped me realize that drawing someone’s blood is not hard and not painful. I struggled with it at first, and I can now even find the hard veins.

I was able to find a job while on my externship and got a great offer from North Shore Cardiology and Internal Medicine. I am doing everything we learned in school and some extra stuff, too. I have a job where I do phlebotomy every day, along with EKG and meeting and greeting patients.

I have grown so much as a medical assistant and am looking forward to the future.

I believe Hunter is the best first step to an amazing career in the health field. I know I will be able to grow to the person they taught me to be. Hunter, for me, was the best first step to a career that I can be proud of.