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Practical Nursing Essay Instructions

Amongst the many prerequisites to get admitted into the highly competitive Practical Nursing program at Hunter, the applicant must write and submit a typed essay of not less than 250 words, and no more than 500 words, based on this question.

What qualities do you believe you possess that will enable you to cope with the rigors of nursing school, perform successfully as a student, and later work effectively as a licensed practical nurse?

These are the criteria upon which your essay will be judged.


Good – Essay is typed, titled, and contains the applicant’s name. The text flows well and is organized. In addition, spelling and grammar are accurate.
Bad – Essay is handwritten and disorganized, with spelling and grammar errors.


Good – The writing clearly identifies the purpose of the paper and answers the topics posed above.
Bad – Text of composition does not identify a specific purpose or direction or answer the topics posed above.


Good – The essay is organized and well structured. There is a beginning, main body, and conclusion.
Bad – The essay lacks structure. There is no beginning, body, and/or conclusion.

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