Practical Nursing Admission Criteria

When the prospective Practical Nursing student has satisfactorily met all the prerequisites described on the Practical Nursing program page, an interview will be scheduled with the Practical Nursing chairperson and/or other faculty members.

The purpose of the academic interview is to evaluate and determine behaviors associated with professionalism. You will be introduced to Practical Nursing faculty and, in turn, will introduce yourself.

If you want to make a good impression, be on time and appropriately groomed and dressed. The prospective student reflects an understanding of such professional criteria.

The ability to communicate is critical to nursing. A strong tone and the use of proper language reflect confidence. The ability to relate strengths and weaknesses are important to a positive image of self.

These are the criteria upon which you will be judged at your interview.

Appointment Time

Best – You are early or on time.
Good – You are on time.
Bad – You are late.


Best – You greet the interviewer appropriately. Body language is proper, and you make eye contact with the interviewer.
Good – You greet the interviewer, but little eye contact is made.
Bad – You do not greet the interviewer and make no eye contact. Your body language is inappropriate.


Best – You have a well-groomed appearance, as if you were on a job interview.
Good – You are well-groomed but in business casual attire, not interview attire.
Bad – You present unkempt and/or inappropriately dressed for a formal interview. Examples are being in jeans, shorts, sneakers, etc.


Best – Your vocal tone is strong, you speak loudly enough to be heard clearly, and use proper grammar and vocabulary. You speak with confidence.
Good – Same as “Best” above, however you seem to lack confidence.
Bad – Your speech is difficult to understand.


Best – You identify yourself in a positive way. You can verbalize at least two strengths and two weaknesses while maintaining self-confidence.
Good – You can describe only one strength and one weakness and do not exude confidence in yourself.
Bad – You cannot point to any of your strengths or weaknesses.

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