Student Work From the Hybrid Web Application Design and Development Program

The Hybrid Web Application Design and Development program is a 900 hour program with 720 hours of online classes and a 180 hour externship. Our program curriculum is designed to teach coding from the standpoint of a beginner to give a student the fundamental skills to enter the industry.

Coding is all about solving problems. Those problems can range from the basic need for a company wanting a simple website to an app that can predict trends in cryptocurrency.

A student with interest in this program should have a knack for creativity, a love for solving problems, and an intense interest in technology. A prospective student should also be very familiar with basic computer functions. This program is not about teaching the computer, but using the computer as a tool which we use to create web-based applications.

Students are taught through hands-on instruction the basic techniques, design styles, and best practices in a wide range of development languages to give them a diverse skill set that they will use to enter this field.

The externship portion of the program allows students to be taught and mentored by local companies in a real-world environment to hone the skills taught in the classroom.

These are the four main focuses of our curriculum.

  1. Standard web design with a focus on mobile responsiveness and e-commerce
  2. Application development with components of computer science and programming
  3. Data analysis and database management
  4. Marketing, content management, and search engine optimization

In addition to the standard curriculum, guest speakers frequent the class during the program so business owners, professional developers, and even former students can share aspects of their journey into the field and expectations of employers and give a feel for the industry overall.

Students also build both a code-based portfolio of their work, as well as a live portfolio website to showcase their abilities through the Career Development portion of our program.

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