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What Are the Benefits of Night School?

Are you looking to change jobs? Want a life-long career that is rewarding but don’t have the time to take classes during the day? Whether you have other responsibilities or just learn better at night, vocational schools offer night classes to help you prepare for a new career that is both satisfying and rewarding.

Do Vocational Schools Offer Night Classes?

Vocational schools understand that you may need flexibility in your educational schedule. For those with other responsibilities, vocational schools offer flexible schedules to students attending night classes. Although night classes can take a little longer to complete, they offer the flexibility you need to take care of responsibilities and still excel your education at night.

What are the Benefits of Night Classes?

There are many benefits of night classes for those that have other responsibilities during the day. Here are the major benefits to attending school at night:

Benefit #1: Students Can Earn and Learn

The best part about night classes is that you can keep your day job and further your education at night. Not all of us have the luxury of attending school during the day without an income. With night classes, you can still work to pay your bills and further your career with night classes.

Benefit #2: Take Care of Family Members

If you are someone that takes care of a family member, taking night classes to pursue your dreams may be the best solution. It is a noble cause to take care of an elderly parent or guide children through their adolescents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your own dreams. Vocational schools understand this and offer many programs that cater to your need for flexibility.

Benefit #3: Diverse Classmates

During night classes, you will be learning alongside those from different backgrounds and experience levels. This is a great way to network for future career opportunities. You never know when you will need to draw on your network to find a job or identify your next career opportunity. Taking night classes exposes you to diverse classmates that can add to your education experience.

Benefit #4: It’s a Relief for Night Owls

Not all of us jump out of bed at 5 a.m. and are ready to start the day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Some of us are more alert at night. If this is you then you should take advantage of this attribute and attend night classes instead. There is no reason for you to walk through the school day like a zombie when you can take night classes and excel your education toward a new and exciting career.

Benefit #5: More Time to Prepare for Class

Another great benefit for night classes is extra time during the day to prepare for class. If you don’t want to jump out of bed and sprint to class in the morning, you can take night classes instead. You can take your time to do the reading, study and be prepared to learn during night classes.

What are the other Benefits of Vocational Programs?

In addition to taking classes at night and benefiting from the additional flexibility, vocational programs offer many other benefits. They include:

Benefit #6: Industry Experienced Instructors

Whether you are taking classes at night or during the day, you will be taught by industry experienced instructors that have been in the workforce and know what you need to learn to prepare you for an entry-level position. Class sizes also tend to be smaller in a technical school. You won’t get lost in a sea of students in large lectures halls but instead, enjoy mentorship and guidance from your knowledgeable instructors.

Benefit #7: Learn Only What You Need to Succeed

Many four-year colleges require you to take electives that may make you a well-rounded person but may not be relevant in preparing you for a new vocation. In a vocational program, you learn only what you need to start working, compiling the knowledge you need to succeed in your new career.

Benefit #8: Externships

Something that you will enjoy at a vocational school that most four-year colleges don’t offer is externships. Some of these externships can last up to 160-hours or more. Not only do you get on-the-job experience to add to your resume, but an externship will build your confidence to start working on day one of your new career. You will get real world experience, with supervision, to prepare you for your entry-level position.

Benefit #9: Career Services

Another great benefit of vocational programs is career services. Most vocational schools offer career services to both graduates and alumni, to help you to network your resume. In addition, you will take career preparedness curriculum to help you build your resume, prepare for interviews, conduct job searches and attend job fairs.

What Vocational Programs are Offered at Night?

Hunter Business School offers many options to choose from. Whether you want to become a medical assistant, medical office assistant, computer repair specialist, nurse or medical billing specialist, Hunter Business School understands that you may not be able to attend school during the day, so we offer night classes.

Medical Assistant

This night program can be completed in 15 months. You learn everything that you would during day classes, and get to take advantage of the benefits of night classes.

The Medical Assistant program prepares competent, entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains required for professional practice. During this Hunter Business School course of study, you learn to perform venipuncture (draw blood), prepare patients for examinations, assist with exams and special procedures, perform electrocardiography (EKGs), and carry out various laboratory tests. You will also enjoy a 160-hour externship in an actual medical work environment to gain valuable on-the-job training.

Medical Office Administration

This night program can be completed in 10 months, rather than 5 months taking day classes. The Medical Office Administration training program prepares you with the skills and training necessary to provide excellent administrative support while working and playing a key role in running an efficient, productive office in a variety of medical and business environments. Through a blend of classroom instruction and practical hands-on training, students receive an in-depth education in computer data entry of patient information; patient files; filing systems and records; insurance claim filing; and billing and coding.

Computer Technician Networking Specialist

This night program can be completed in 15 months, rather than 7 ½ months, when taking night classes. The Computer Technician Networking Specialist training program is designed to prepare you for entry-level positions in the fields of technology, computer repair and networking.

You learn several service and repair techniques to fix hardware and software problems, as well as build, support, upgrade, and secure computers on a SOHO (small office/home office) network in the classroom.

You also build their own computers to be used in the classroom throughout the computer repair and training program. The networking component of the computer repair and training program includes configuration, management, and troubleshooting of common wired and wireless network devices.

Practical Nursing

The night and weekend track of the practical nursing program can be completed in 14 months, rather than 11 months taking day classes. The Practical Nursing program provides you with the knowledge, training, skills, and attitudes needed to function as a licensed practical nurse or LPN (upon successful graduation from the program and passing the NCLEX exam to become licensed in New York State). The Hunter Business School curriculum includes theory, hands-on laboratory skills, and off-site clinical rotations. These rotations include experience at long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and childbearing and pediatric settings.

Medical Billing Specialist

The medical billing specialist program is only offered at night and can be completed in as little as 3 months. The Medical Billing Specialist diploma program prepares you to obtain entry-level employment specializing in medical related billing and coding in physicians’ offices and health insurance companies. The diploma program utilizes a current software product for managing medical practices.

Training topics covered include billing and coding, accounts receivable, insurance billing, patient statements, encounter forms, appointment scheduling, procedure history, payment posting, diagnostic history, and referring doctor information.

Final Thoughts

You have many options at Hunter Business School to learn a new vocation and start a life-long career. Whether you want to get into healthcare or technology, we have night classes that will help you manage your life by day and excel your education by night. If you have the time to further your education and prepare for a new career, then night classes are available, so you can advance your life forward.

Contact us today to find out more on how to become a medical assistant, medical office assistant, computer repair technician, practical nurse, or medical billing specialist on Long Island.