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Campus Security Manual and Annual Security Report will bring you to the current school safety manual.

Hunter Business School is very serious about the safety and security of its campuses. Our
institution acknowledges the challenges in our society, and as such, all of us must work together
to create the safe and secure environment expected.

Numerous policies covering the various aspects of campus safety and security have been
established and included in this manual to ensure that we will all enjoy a safe and secure school
and work environment.

As an accredited institution, we must distribute annual campus security information and reports to our students and employees, including descriptions of the school’s policies, procedures, and
programs. The Annual Security Report statistics must include campus security data each year.

Please read the information carefully. Your understanding of these general safety and
security policies, and our commitment to their enforcement, is important to your security and
achievement of your career and employment goals, as well as the fulfillment of Hunter Business School’s mission.

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